Updating 3dr network drivers

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You can set the desired time or precision in “M8P autoconfig” tab.Once survey is over, Mission Planner will automatically inject differential data over Solo Link.Step #1 is to plug in your FTDI adapter and install the driver (in case it isnt on there already).If you have an FTDI cable proper, there is already a USB A connector on the end.To avoid having to continue using a keyboard and monitor it is convenient to connect to the RPi using an SSH client.

As soon as differential corrections are received by Solo, status changes to 3D DGPS Lock : Careful though, DGPS flag does not inform about whether corrections are SBAS or RTK corrections for the moment.This will allow you to connect a computer or tablet via Wi Fi to the Raspberry Pi, and the Raspberry Pi will in turn forward the communication to a drone through a telemetry link.To accomplish this tutorial you will need the following items: You now have the Raspberry Pi ready to setup Mav Proxy and to set it up as an access point so you can use it to create a local Wi Fi network.For the following steps make sure you have access to the internet from Raspberry Pi, this is needed in order to download the software packages.The easiest way to achieve this is to connect the RPi to an Ethernet connection.

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